International activities started in Tampere in 2013 as a mentoring programme and developed through the years towards a cultural exchange and networking activity.

International activities aim at creating dialogue among academic women coming from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds and promoting multicultural relationships with academic women who have moved to Finland from other countries. Activities are organized for empowering academic women to network and support each other when living and settling down in Finnish society and working life.
Exchange of experiences and know-how about everyday life of academic women comprises, for instance, how to find a job or educational opportunities. How are the Finnish work cultures compared to other countries? What does it mean to combine work and family in everyday life in different cultures?

The network also aims at sharing ideas and activity planning according to the interests of the members, for instance, participation in local cultural and historic attractions in the region, discussions and visits to near-by surroundings and cultural sites.

The main language is English, but participants are encouraged to strengthen each other’s language skills, whether it is English or Finnish.

Welcome to all association members and foreign visitors to contribute international activities!

TANry international team: Lea Henriksson, Eriikka Oinonen & Aurelie Mary